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The 5 Second Challenge


I know there is so much groupie rumours going around and it’s really none of our business who the guys have sex with but the thing that made me concern about the groupie stuff is that they supposedly gave tickets to groupies instead of giving it to fans who deserve it. I say supposedly because I was not there when this happened, so I can’t be a 100% sure, but some people saw it and that girl tweeted it. Here is how I look at it all; I pray and hope it’s not true. I hope this “groupie” was lying and she had to buy her ticket or win whatever but if it’s true then I’m sorry to the family because if this happened it doesn’t look good for the guys. If they did this they had to know this would get out and I’m sorry but that’s uncalled for on so many levels. How could you give tickets to someone who just wants sex compared to someone who has got you where you are.
I thought long hard about this, looked up something’s about the rumours. There is so many people convinced that they did it but I can’t believe it. You can call me nevi but there is something tell me this whole thing is not completely true.
To me I think Liz would have known about it and stopped it.
Luke didn’t have to answer the question in the dm. He probably gets a hundred questions each day but what he said is very true…don’t believe everything you see.

Lastly, guys don’t think it’s cool to be a groupie. It’s not!! They are just for sex, that pretty much it and I think you should value yourself a little more than that. You can send me hate, whatever. That’s just how I feel about this whole deal.


Ever been mistaken for the wrong celeb?

luke: *reading a truth question* it says "craziest thing you've ever done for love"
michael: *snorts*
calum: *snorts*
ashton: .... lawl
calum: what are you gonna say bro
michael: what are you gonna say
ashton: WHAT IS THE CRAZIEST THIN- tell us
luke: i dunknow
ashton: what have you done?
luke: what have i done?
ashton: um you
ashton: you
ashton: lets
ashton: you fought that bear
luke: yeah um
calum: i remember that
michael: that was pretty crazy
luke: i was in uh
luke: uh
luke: no it was actually a tiger shark
calum: oh
ashton: a tiger shark?
michael: oh yeah i remember the tiger shark
luke: i was in um great br-
ashton: the one that was trying to eat the family
luke: yea
ashton: but you were there and you came in
michael: but he saved me
ashton: and then
calum: you swam
calum: you swam from the other side with roses in the air
luke: yeah
luke: roses, swimming arm, shark under my arm also
ashton: but this was in brazil
calum: was it in brazil
ashton: it was in brazil
luke: no it was in the atlantic ocean
michael: it was somewhere scary i think
ashton: well there you have it folks


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this is possibly the most important photo i have ever taken in my life